Do You Have Anything To Say

A4P Guest: Hi Missy, I’m a third year electrical engineering student (22 year old male) in one of the universities here in Ethiopia. I’m one of the Christian fellowship leaders in campus. And it is amazing how many people, regardless of their religion, use porn as a recreation. If you ask me to give you an approximation as to how many people, I will say 98% of people. Even in our Christian group, it is a very common thing.

A4P: Okay.

A4P Guest: I just want to share with you so that you have some factual information regarding this issue.

A4P: I have that information; but thank you for stopping by to let me know.

A4P Guest: I too view porn sometimes, especially right after a tough exam.

A4P: Okay.

A4P Guest: Do you have anything to say about that?

A4P: Do I have anything to say about that? No, I don’t.

A4P Guest: But you’ve said a lot about it on this page, haven’t you?

A4P: I have; and do you want me to repeat what I have so far said about porn on this page?

A4P Guest: Yes.

A4P: But that won’t be a good use of my time. If you are interested, you can read about it on this page as well as on our website: ///

P. S. A4P stands for Appeal for Purity.