Don’t Miss Out!

If you live in the DC area, I invite you to come to the married couple’s seminar Appeal for Purity is sponsoring for the first time.

We will have lots of fun, I promise, and we will also have some meaningful time together. There will be a Q & A session which is going to be the most interesting part of this kind of seminar.

I am planning to address various topics under the main topic of Marital Sexual Intimacy, topics such as, Why do men like sex more than women? Do women really hate sex? What are the common misconceptions of sexual intimacy in our community (mainly Habesha community)? And more.

So, don’t miss it.

There is no other requirement for you to take part in this seminar except that you should be married.

The seminar is going to be conducted in Amharic.

The video clip I’m sharing with you today was recorded last Sunday in my church when I announced about this seminar. I thank God to my pastors, the senior pastor of the International Ethiopian Evangelical Church, Pastor Hanfere and his beloved wife, Pastor Yetei, Pastor Emanuel, a family ministry pastor, Asu, our church secretary, and Brother Girma, our church administrator, for encouraging and supporting me. There are also many more people who are standing with me all the way. May God bless each one of these amazing individuals! ///