Very Excited To Share This With You

Every Man’s Battle workshop is coming to the DC area!
Yeap! You’ve heard me right, these wonderful people are going to do their powerful workshops here in our area from January 13 to 15.
If you didn’t read one of their powerful books such as “Every Man’s Battle,” you’re missing out! Big time!

They also wrote, “Every Young Girl’s Battle,” “Every Young Man’s Battle,” “Every Woman’s Battle,” “Every Married woman’s Battle” and more. This series has changed my life forever!
In their workshop, they teach you how to use “the sword of the Spirit” God put on your hands and how and when to use this sword to win over all your battles one by one (Ephesians 6). And once you find your freedom/victory, they teach you how to stay vigilant to hold on to your freedom! (Galatians 3 – 5) As they say, “freedom is not a destiny but a responsibility. Unless you “keep standing firm” and fight for it, you lose it.”
After that you don’t want Jeremiah or Isaiah or Hosea to come back to life to give you freedom that Jesus has already died for and given it to you; rather you learn that freedom is yours in Christ as long as you know and believe that Jesus is in you; His Spirit is in you; His Word is in your mouth and the angelical beings are here to serve you!
Don’t you just love the truth of God! Only the Truth can set us free!
So, don’t miss these workshops! These workshops, which are strictly for men only, don’t come to our area that often. So, use this opportunity.
If you are hiding behind your profession, school, marriage, a smile on your face, ministry and spirituality “Jesus talks” but you know for sure that you have a big and deep problem in the area of sexuality, that you are one of the frequent visitors of the online sex chat rooms and other online stuff, listen to me please: Go to these workshops. The people you are going to meet are not going to judge you; but show you how they received their own victory over all sorts of sexual addictions and how they fight for their freedom on a daily basis. Very practical and fun! So, go!
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