One Of The Commonly Asked Questions

I receive many questions every day in many different ways; email, face to face, text, voice mail and letter; and to my amazement, most questions are very similar. Here is one example:

“I’ve been married for a year now. I was a virgin when I got married and my husband, as he told me, hadn’t have any sexual relationship with anybody before me. So, on our first day of honeymoon, I didn’t know what to do and in the hotel where we’ve stayed, my husband suggested that we watch porn videos to learn about sex and from that day on, we always turn on a porn video before we have sex. The thing is every day I want to watch a different porn video for me to be sexually stimulated. I always think of suggesting to my husband to stop viewing porn but I’m afraid so because if I don’t watch porn, I don’t desire sex and I tried that once or twice and I couldn’t respond to my husband’s touch and I always ask him to let me see porn; and my husband likes it. I’m one of the worship leaders in my church and my husband is in the audio and video ministry. I know that we both are spiritually dead. No joy, no nothing. I walk around but I feel dead from the inside. I want to end it all but I don’t know why. I feel really good when I go to church and cry before God but when I get home, I am a different person.  What do I need to do?”

So, whenever I receive messages such as this one, I always say a prayer for myself: LORD, please save me from being blinded by the power of sin. Please save my spiritual sanity I have in Christ. Please save me from myself, from my own way of following You. Oh, Abba Father, save me.


We all have the potential to dabble with porn and all sorts of sexual sins and dare to preach about the holy God. We all have the potential to live in sin and act as if nothing is wrong with us. ///