Practical Advice

A4P Guest: I’ve been married for a couple years now and my husband enjoys more to chat with girls on Facebook than to sit and talk to me. I tried to talk to him but this issue becomes the most sensitive issue for him to deal with. I tried to talk to him last week and from that day on, he’s been sleeping in the living room. What do I need to do?
A4P: Is this how he always deals with conflicts, sleeping in the living room instead of dealing with the issue?

A4P Guest: Yes.
A4P: And do you want him to change?
A4P Guest: Yes.
A4P Guest: Seek counseling.
A4P Guest: I suggest that but he is not willing. Because he tends to sleep in the living room a lot that I can count the days we had sex within these past two years, probably once every two or three months and I’m very frustrated.
A4P: Did he share with you what his future plan for his marriage is?
A4P Guest: He said, he is fine with the way things are; and he didn’t see anything wrong with our marriage.
A4P: Tough, isn’t it! And what is your plan going forward from here?
A4P Guest: What do you mean?
A4P: What is your plan? What are you planning to do next?
A4P Guest: Nothing.
A4P: I tell you what; “Nothing” is not a good answer. You need to come up with a realistic and practical plan and to do that, you need to ask advice from some wise and spiritual people in your area. If their advice is only this, “Just pray and God will change things,” try to find other people who’ll tell you to pray and give you some practical advice. For example, if your husband wants to stay married with his Facebook friends, sleeps most nights in the living room and does his own thing as if he was a single man, he may as well do all those things outside the house. So, these wise and spiritual people may advise you to ask him to leave the house. Do you know why? Well, if your husband wants his marriage, he will be willing to work things out with you. If not, he will know without a doubt that he can’t take you for a ride anymore. This is what I mean when I said, practical advice.
By the way, take action now before you celebrate your 10th or 20th wedding anniversary in the same condition. ///