Very Funny Differences

It is 1:52am here in Stockholm, Sweden and I just came back from the second day of the three-day-married-couple-only-seminar.

We laughed a lot today and you know, the funny part of teaching and learning about the sexual nature of a husband and a wife is that, we, men and women, are created equally but differently. And our differences make our marriages, including the marital sexual intimacy part of marriage, the most interesting, exciting, fascinating and enjoyable one, but only when we know the truth of God.

God willing, tomorrow will be the last day of the seminar and guess how we planned to wrap it up? You guessed it!

By renewing our marital vows to God first and second, to one another so we keep our marriages and oneness till the end!

You have no idea how excited I’m.

May God’s will be done. ///