Election Day

I’m in Stockholm, Sweden in my hotel room. Current local time here is 3:57am and I woke up like half an hour ago and couldn’t go back to sleep. Why? I’m thinking about America’s Election Day.

America, the great nation! May God be with you!

There is a lot at stake in this election and I’m a bit stressed thinking what the final result of this election would be.

To calm my soul down, I began to search online the message of preachers I highly respect and honor. I found John Piper’s short clip about the election; found it to be very comforting; and I also found Ravi Zacharias’ prayer for election and I was very happy to pray with him.

But when I found Pastor Franklin Graham’s prayer, my! I jumped out of my bed and knelt down on the floor to pray with him and thousands of people who’ve joined him.

Yes, please pray for this election and VOTE if you live in America and have a right to vote! Remember, what is at stake right now is not the personality of the president but the Supreme Court justices the elected president is going to nominate right after he/she takes the office; and the Supreme Justices, once they are nominated and elected, they are not going to be in the Supreme Court for four years but for 40 or 50 years. That means, these justices are the ones to determine the fate of this nation, under God. As Pastor Franklin said, both presidential nominees have character flaws; but not both of them are going to nominate the same group of Supreme Court justices. That is where the main difference lies and that is where we need to pay attention and vote to.

May God and His will reign in America! May God bless America! ///