Blessing Or Curse of Being a Pastor’s Kid

I literally can’t get enough of this beautiful and young couple’s story: Ryan and Amanda.

Ryan is a pastor’s kid and Amanda was raised by a single mom. And someone saw Amanda and called Ryan said, “Hey, I found your wife,” and the rest is history. (You can find this story in many of their interviews.)

The host of Dialogue did a great job of asking them what their book, “The One” is all about. And she asked them very important questions, relevant to single people who want to emulate their sexually pure dating and courting lives.

Two, actually, three things that caught my attention:


  • Amanda was praying for God to give her a man who is surrounded by other men
  • Ryan doesn’t make any small or big decision without consulting with the “committee” (you will know what “committee” is from the interview)
  • A skill, that is a blessing as well as a curse, most “pastor’s kids” have and how Ryan used that skill to bless his own life.


Don’t miss it. ///