He proposed and asked her – – –

– – –  to marry him on the same day!
Why? It was her dream to get married on the same day a man proposed to her.

Ryan and Amanda Leak had been on the Family Life Today’s radio show for the last three days. You can hear their riveting love story there (familylifetoday.com).
I’m sharing with you the short version of their story (you can find the long version on their YouTube channel – it has 1.4 million views).
Ryan dated Amada for five years (that is a bit long) but Ryan said, “When I proposed to her, I’ve never told Amanda that I loved her. I didn’t want to use that phrase until I felt like I can back it up with every fiber of my being.”
Don’t you love that!
After they decided to do dating in sexual purity, God led their hearts to help the poor and orphanage. Don’t miss their whole story on Family Life Today.
Sexual purity not only makes your story beautiful but it makes you and the God your profess to worship look beautiful too.
If you are dating someone, decide to reserve all the physical aspect of your relationship for marriage and you will never regret. ///