Using Their Sexuality As a Medicine Cabinet

Some people who struggle to break free from porn addiction and other forms of dangerous sexual practices think that they have more sexual hormones and urges than many people.

As some child development experts assert, if a child cries looking for comfort from his mom, and if his mom repeatedly gives him cookies in response, the child learns at that early and informative age that eating gets rid of unwanted desires. Then after the child grows up and becomes adult, he has a high chance that he struggles with the issue of obesity as he turns to food whenever he feels lonely and depressed. So, when he is stressed, he grabs ice-cream. When he feels lonely, he reaches out for the barbecue potato chips.

Why? That is all his brain is trained to do: To eat when he feels lonely, fearful, depression, etc.

Yes, our brain is the most fascinating thing ever!

In the same way, when people learn to turn to their “sexual urges” to sooth their loneliness, stress, fear, low self-esteem, their brain pretty much takes their sexuality as a “medication cabinet” to dodge all unwanted feelings and emotions.

When these same people hit early teen years or early or late twentieth, they somehow start questioning why they view porn and masturbate; why they hate doing it but at the same time keep on doing it. They also begin to question why they can’t stop it regardless of their effort to stop it. Then they may end up thinking, “I’m doing this filthy stuff because I have abnormally higher sexual hormones in my blood than other people.”

Of course this line of reasoning won’t give them that sense of peace and rest they so desire to have. So they start looking for experts who encourage them to continue doing what they’ve been doing for a long time. But, they, all over again, start to ask, “I want to stop this! I hate it! I hate what I am doing! What do I need to do?”

At this point, they may even contemplate to end it all; to commit suicide.

What they need at this point is others, role models who can show, teach and train them the healthy way of handling their emotions; not by attending their “sexual urges,” but by turning to God’s way; having people around them, developing close, healthy and vibrant relationships with God and God’s Word (Psalm 119:9, 11) and with people of God (2 Timothy 2:22).

If they stick with the biblical training, little by little, they learn to see God as He is: The One who is able to meet all their emotional, mental, spiritual and physical needs! (Philippians 4:19)

So, instead of medicating their depression with porn and masturbation, they learn to turn to God to take the peace and rest Jesus died for and promised to give to those who trust in Him: “I give you peace” (John 14:27) “I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28). At first, even if they find themselves falling back into the old ways of handing their stressors, they slowly but surely learn to get up and walk to stay the course. ///

P. S. A4P celebrates its three-year anniversary on Monday, October 31, 2016; and as part of the celebration, we will re-post some of the earlier posts for people who joined us recently will get a chance to read them. The above post is from 2015.