A4P’s Three Year Anniversary is Around the Corner

Can you believe that? I can’t! It feels like yesterday we celebrated the first year anniversary of Appeal for Purity (A4P).

Well, Monday, October 31, 2016, on the Halloween Day, Appeal for Purity Ministry will celebrate its three-year anniversary.

As the tradition of this page, starting today, October 1 to October 30, 2016, we will re-post previous posts as part of the celebration. This re-posting culture gives opportunity to those who joined the page recently to read previous posts many responded back well to.

If you’ve been with us for a while and you have one or more favorite posts you want to see again, inbox us and let us know the title of the post and we will go ahead and repost it.

I appreciate each and everyone one of you for supporting me to stay on this page. It means a lot to me. Reading through some posts, I said to myself, “This is not me who wrote these” because they confronted and convicted my heart as if I’ve never read them before. Holy Spirit – led messages are always timeless. So, it won’t hurt if we keep re-posting them more than once.

The title of the first post I’m going to re-post is “The Only School of Discipline” from July of 2014.

Okay, I have to go now. Have a blessed weekend. ///