“My boyfriend is from here, America”

A4P Guest: I’m 28 years old and my soon-to-be husband is 32. My boyfriend is from here, America and I’m from Ethiopia. My parents want us to make our wedding in an Ethiopian church but I want to do it in the American church I always go to. I felt like I’m disobeying my parents by deciding to do that. Do you think I’m disobeying my parents because I chose a church I want to do my wedding at?

A4P: The Bible doesn’t command you, an adult woman, to “obey your parents;” it says, “obey” to children who are under their parents’ care. You are commanded by God to honor and respect your parents. So, it is good for you to communicate with them what you want to do respectfully, trying to understand their side too.
But if I were you, I might do it as they wish since they are the ones who brought me to this world and raised me. So, they deserve to have a say in this, to want to see their daughter getting married in a church where they feel at home.
I mean, they are not asking you to go to a church where Christ is not glorified. So, if I were you, I would reconsider my decision; after all you are going to have your honeymoon all by yourself.
But since you are here at the Appeal for Purity inbox, let me ask you one question which is relevant for what we do here every day.
So, are you a born-again Christian?
A4P Guest: Since I was a little girl.
A4P: Praise the LORD! So, you must be looking forward to your wedding night to be one with your man.
A4P Guest: What do you mean?
A4P: I mean, are you and your boyfriend still two, soon to be one; or are you guys sleeping together, having sex? I ask this question because I’ve never met an Ethiopian Christian girl, dating an American man, who saves herself for marriage; and I’m not really sure why these girls don’t save themselves . So, I was wondering if you are the one girl I’m going to meet for the first time in my life that is waiting for her wedding night. Are you that girl?
A4P Guest: No, I’m not. Do you think God cares about that? I believe God cares about love and my boyfriend and I love each other to death and that is why we are getting married.
A4P: Well, for how long you’ve been following this page?
A4P Guest: I just ran into it few minutes ago.
A4P: Well, I would love to answer “Do you think God cares about that?” question but I rather invite you to read on this page and watch the video clips you find on this page. In short, not only God cares about it but you should care about it too because sex before marriage stains and distorts the beauty of your sex life after marriage. By the way, sex before marriage and sex after marriage are two different things. They aren’t the same. So, if you are marrying the man thinking that the sex before marriage would follow you into the marriage, you are tricked, big time. ///