For All Single Girls Who Are Waiting for Him

One of my Facebook friends sent me this link and I’m laughing and at the same time I’m praising God for the truth this woman is speaking about!

As usual, I can’t keep this to myself. So, here we go:
If you are waiting for Mr. Right, wait for him; stay away from a man whose first name is “Luke” and his last name is “Warm!”
Just stay away from him and you will be okay!
If he demands that he plays with your body, inviting you to a hotel room before he publicly declares you his wife, his name is Luke Warm and stay away from him!
By the way, I will post next to this a poem this woman presented to her man, his first name is Right and his last name is Charming, at their wedding day! 
My! My! My! She waited for him to find her and he indeed found her! He is a very handsome man, yes, with six-pack abs and hear this, the fear of God resides in his heart!
What more do you want from a man????
Nothing! ///