From Toronto to Maryland!

Praise God! It is always good to be back to Maryland. I had a wonderful time in Toronto, Canada.
First, I wanna say, “Happy Birthday” to my lovely little one, Biruk Banko, my youngest son, who is celebrating his 14th birthday today. Happy birthday my handsome son!

Okay, back to my stay in Toronto. I would like to say “Thank you” to all the family ministry leaders of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church in Toronto for inviting me over for their “Family focused” month, September.
Thank you so very much for this great opportunity and I pray for God to bless you and all your hard work!
I spent most of my time with parents and we had a fun weekend together, may His Name be praised forever!
I’m very tired now to go through all my videos but I promise, God willing, I will upload more videos in the future. But for today, I wanna share with you a clip of my message about the power of married couples’ agreement to pray together in one heart. And don’t miss the truth about our husbands. As you may very well know, most of our husbands are not as spiritual as we, their wives. So, it is good for a wife to know this fact to make the prayer time suitable for her husband’s spiritual nature, short and sweet.
I pray God speaks to you through this message.
Have a blessed Tuesday! ///
P. S. The above video will soon be captioned in English