Beautiful Comment

This morning, I found this comment on my YouTube video, “Looking for a spiritual man to marry:”
“I can relate to the woman who wrote you that letter. The last 3 women I dated cured my loneliness but didn’t make me happy. One was Catholic the next claimed she was a Christian but she supported the lgbt and the last wasn’t a Christian at all. I’m going to be single forever unless the next woman I decide to have a relationship with is a God fearing Bible believing born again woman.”
Don’t you love seeing/hearing this kind of determination from a young man! I love it! (The man learned from his mistakes.) 

When a man knows who he is in Christ and what kind qualities he is looking for in a Christian girl, he secures his future in the way it should be.
On the contrary, when he doesn’t have any clue as to who he is and what he is looking for in a girl, he just goes through the motion, hoping that “his Karma” finds him a good wife. Then he becomes victim of “chance” since he misses his opportunity for God to introduce him to one of His daughters.
The Word of God says, God brought Eve to Adam (Genesis 2:22b) and introduced her to him. Adam was overwhelmed and I can just imagine Adam’s jaw dropped at the first sight of Eve. Why did I say that? Well, read Genesis 2:23.
Yeah, God is really good at both knowing and meeting our needs perfectly because He is the One who created them. Isn’t that beautiful! ///