Talk to Your Kids About How “Every Life Matters”

May our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, comfort families and friends of those who lost their lives in Louisiana, Minnesota and Dallas.

If you have kids, please talk to them about the news. Don’t think that your kids don’t need to know about this or don’t have any idea about what’s going on.

My husband was telling me on the phone how he decided to do our family Saturday Bible study on this very topic.

Ask your kids questions, or let them ask you about the entire ordeal. Watch some of the video clips with them (but use your parental discretion as to which clip to let your kids watch).

Make sure you talk to them about “the indwelling sin” a human heart carries with it all the time. Focus on that issue. Of course race should also be part of the discussion, but make sure you stay with facts. I read few comments on social media where people say, “Most Ku Klux Klan – KKK joined the American police force for the purpose of killing black people.”

Please, unless you have the fact, for example from FBI or another reliable governmental source, don’t even bring up that kind of discussion to the table. Some people are really upset, rightly so, but they say things that is not factual. And remember, news stations are not working for the well-being of the society anymore but for money. They want to have more viewers to make more money than they want to be a credible source.

Rather, talk with your kids about the book of Romans where the Word of God talks about the indwelling sin that we all inherit from Adam and Eve and how we all are capable of doing those heinous acts to other human beings.

Stereotyping a group of people because of the act of a few is not a Christian way of seeing things. So, make sure you protect the hearts and minds of your children from being stained by statements such as “All white people are racist, or all black people hate white people.” But tell them that every life matters; and some people (regardless of their race) are given over to their sinful hearts and can be dangerous to any human being.

May the Lord continue healing the hearts and minds of the American society! ///