50 Shades of Grace???

I’m sure many of you know Priscilla Shirer (daughter of Pastor Tony Evans and she is one of the main characters in the “War Room” movie). Well, this is her show called “The Chat with Priscilla” (made possible by Lifeway Christian Resource.)
So, in this show, Priscilla had two guests and one of whom is, Mo Isom, a blogger and speaker, known by her “50 Shades of Grace” blog.

Yeah, you read right, “50 Shades of Grace,” not “50 Shades of Gray.” Well, you know that the message of “50 Shades of Gray” is not for us Christians who profess to love and follow Christ. In the contrary, the message of “50 Shades of Grace” is very much for us Christians.
Mo is a very inspiring woman of God with the story a little similar to mine; I was introduced to porn at the age of 13 by my classmates and Mo, at the age of 7 by her dad. Yeah, porn addiction is not only the problem of men but women too. How did Mo come out of porn addiction? Just listen to the rest of her story. While you do that, pay attention to how Mo describes her husband: “He’s smoking hot!” I LOVE IT!
Shirer’s other guest is Sheena Meekins – she is the director of integrated marketing for “Teen Vogue Magazine.” When I heard “Teen Vogue”, I said, “What is she doing in a Christian talk show?”
Well, I was wrong. Sheena is one of Christ’s ambassadors who works in Manhattan, New York. Sheena was in this dark world, doing life and dating in a worldly fashion. Then Jesus “wrecked” her life and she told her boyfriend, “Friend, no more sex before marriage,” and he left her. Then, hear this please: SHE MOVED ON WITH HER LIFE WITHOUT HIM!
She is now pursuing a sexually pure life with every fiber of her being but she IS NOT pursuing this kind of life ALONE (because it is impossible to do so). Rather she surrounds herself with sisters-in-Christ who have the same conviction. Just listen to these women. They’ve melted my heart.
In this show, one issue is repeatedly underlined, i.e. what it means to be “sexually pure”, which is way above and beyond being physically a virgin. Just fascinating! ///
P. S. One of my Facebook friends sent me this video clip. Thank you my friend!