Marriage Is Not; Rather Marriage Is

There are a number of things in life we unconsciously accept as an absolute truth while they are not true at all. These things are collectively called as myths.
I don’t think anyone of us, in one way or another, are immune from believing/accepting “myths” as truth at one point of our lives.

Well, the one common thing that can happen to people who hold a myth as truth is this: They will be grievously disappointed! Why? Because a myth rarely keeps its promises. It fails you terribly at the wrong time and at the wrong place, like after you get married!
Ouch! That is dreadful!
But thank God that God lets us learn from our mistakes and He brings us back to the truth.
For example, many of us believed (some people unfortunately still believe) a myth that says: “If you get married, you will be happy and you won’t be lonely.”
I don’t know about you; but for me, this particular myth was one of the things I dearly held close to my heart since I was a little girl.
Yes, I was very disappointed when I at last found out that getting married after all hadn’t made me happy and it had not taken away my loneliness either. Why? God didn’t design marriage to make us happy and for the marriage to get rid of feeling of loneliness from us.
You see, the medicine for loneliness is not getting married but knowing and believing that we are living in the overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit (Isaiah 43:1-5); and marriage won’t make us happy but, as we learn to abide in Christ and His Word through life’s ups and downs, we not only become happy but holy and joyful. (Galatians 5:22-23)
Well, listen to the clip of my message called, “Marriage Is Not; Rather, Marriage Is.” I watched this clip more than five times and God spoke to my heart every time and I pray that He also speaks to your heart and soul.
Oh, may He speak to us and when He does, may He give us a heart that trembles before His truth. Amen. ///
P. S. This video is captioned in English for those who can’t hear and for those who don’t understand Amharic.
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