Our Son’s Story, with His Permission

I didn’t plan to upload this video but one father made my day this morning as he called and said to me: “Missy, my wife and I are listening to you; we are parents of little kids and we are learning a lot from your mistakes and challenges. So, keep it up!” Thank you my dear brother!

Yeah, so, I decided to upload this clip for them and for those who may find something important in it.

It is the story of our son, Abel Banko. He is 17 now and he gave me permission to share it with everyone who may benefit from story. He is such a gentle man, isn’t he!

Well, let me give you one heads up here though. I hate grammar passionately. Yes, I do. Why? I’m very poor in that department. I tried to improve but I didn’t make that much progress. I won’t give up though. So, those of you who are good at grammar, please excuse my mistakes. Just focus on the message. And numbers! Well, the price is $220 (not $221, I’m not sure how that “one” got into my mouth.) I guess it is okay since the message is still intact regardless. And one last note, you have to be 18 to sign up for ebay and my son convinced me to sign up when he turned 14 so that he could look for a good deal (mind you, I’ve never used ebay in my life; only my son). Teenagers! Don’t you just love them? I do!

And for those of you who don’t understand Amharic, this is a clip from my teaching called “Raising Kids purposely, intentionally and consciously” and this is what I am saying:

After you tell your kids about the danger of something and if they don’t seem to listen to you or trust you and want to try “the water” anyways, let them try it. Don’t interfere because you might take away their heavenly-sent-opportunity to learn one lifetime lesson. So, stay out of their way and let them go. It is a very challenging thing to do, especially for mothers, but it is doable and rewarding! Make sure you first tell them about the danger though.

And I’m talking about how my husband and I don’t throw a big birthday party for our kids because in our community, kid’s birthday is not really kids’ birthday but adults’ get together party and I personally think that it is not fair for our kids. So, our kids usually celebrate their birthdays with their close three or four friends and that will be it. However, we celebrate their 13th birthday in a big way. I am trying to adopt the Jew’s culture called “Bar Mitzvah” literally means “son of the commandment.” You can read all about it on Google; but in our home, we teach our kids about life, mainly human sexuality, starting from age four until they turn thirteen (actually that is how my first book, “Beyond the Fairy Tale” came into being) and when they turn 13, their 13th birthday will be like a graduation party. Fantastic celebration! Oh, well, our youngest son just “graduated” from it; and no more “Bar Mitzavah” for us. It is a life changing celebration. And, that is what I’m talking about in the middle of my message.

I hope you enjoy it; but more than enjoying it, I pray God speaks into your life through this short clip. Have a blessed Monday to all of you! ///