“Why are you talking about sex?”

A4P Guest: “I get irritated when I hear you speak about sex. Sex is not something God cares about. And in the Bible, God kept the topic of sex as a taboo and it has to stay like that. Why are you talking about sex? Why don’t you talk about Jesus only?”
A4P: Very, very important questions; but before I address your questions, let me say this regarding two statements you made at the beginning of your message:

You said, “God doesn’t care about sex” – well, that statement says to me this: “God doesn’t care about human race.” We human beings didn’t create ourselves to be sexual beings but God did and after He created us that way, how can He just say, “Hey, BTW, I don’t care about sex”. I’m glad He didn’t say that. My dearest, God cares about sex.
And you also said, “God kept the topic of sex as a taboo,” – my friend, God/the Bible doesn’t put sex as a taboo; maybe you are focusing on one book of the Bible and reading that book over and over again, forgetting the rest of the books of the Bible. God put on human sexuality and sex so much focus and emphasis that He set aside one full book to deal with those topics and that book is called Songs of Solomon, beautiful and wonderful book. Not only Songs of Solomon but there are also many Bible passages which talk about sex and human sexuality. And I am sure you don’t want me to go ahead and list them all here because I will be typing the whole day. So, before you dare to make that kind of statement “sex is a taboo in the Bible”, you may need to read your Bible from cover to cover. Once you do that, you sure will find out that God actually cares about sex and our sexuality.
Okay, now let me deal with your two questions one by one: Your first question is, “Why are you talking about sex?” – Hmm, why aren’t I? The Word of God is talking about it; so am I.
Your second question: “Why don’t you talk about Jesus only?” – I love this question very much. My friend, when I talk about the Truth of God, I consider myself talking about Jesus because Jesus Christ is the Truth, the Way and the Life (John 14:6). So, when, for example, I say, “God created sex to be enjoyed and celebrated only in the confinement of marriage between one man and one woman, and outside this confinement, sex brings death to life,” I’m actually talking about Jesus Christ, the Truth.
I think I addressed all your questions. But let me say this at the end. You said you get irritated when you hear me speak about sex. Well, I think the easy way to stop your irritation is to not to listen to my messages. I think it is wise for you to stay tuned to messages you get blessed by and drawn into loving and worshiping Jesus. Being irritated is not a good thing as it has a power to drift your spirit away from sincere worship and soak you into bitterness, anger and resentment. So, be wise. ///