Marriage Counseling on Skype

I don’t know how many of you know this but I do “marriage counseling” on Skype. I began giving this service a couple years ago and it’s been working perfectly for me and the people I serve. This service is only available to those who live in America, Europe and Australia because there is fee for the service and the payment can only be processed online through the PayPal mobile pay service. Here are the two letters from the people I counseled recently and in the process of counseling:
From Denver, Colorado
“We were so blessed to have Skype counseling with Dr. Missy. First, it was in the convenience of our home & we didn’t have to go anywhere. The Skype counseling was as if we were in one room with her. For someone, like my husband, who was hesitant to seek counseling, Skype counseling was the best choice for us.

If we had to go somewhere else, it would have been hard for me to convince him. Second, the counseling service opened our eyes to things that we considered insignificant but were affecting our marriage in a major way. The one thing that stood out for me was the fact that how much we’ve taken each other for granted and the fact that we haven’t prayed about our marriage but about our children. Now we learn that our children are as safe and healthy as our marriage. This truth just hit me hard. We discussed about this truth with my husband after the first session & we are now praying together for our marriage and one another & working hard on getting more personal time together. I really encourage all married couples who have issues in their marriage to take advantage of this service. Sometimes we all think that we know it all but Holy Spirit led counseling opens your eyes like a magic. Missy’s counseling did that for us. Missy, you are a blessed woman. Thank you, & may God continue to increase His Wisdom upon you.”
From Long Beach, California
“My husband and I had Skype counseling with Dr. Meskerem. We first didn’t know how effective it would be but we had an amazing experience and we are completely satisfied with all the sessions. Considering the result and help we had received from the counseling, I now wish we sought this counseling service a little bit earlier than this. It is not an exaggeration to say that the counseling service saved our marriage by giving us biblical insights and wisdom and it helped us renew our commitment to love one another all over again. I was a bit uncomfortable and not sure how to do the counseling on Skype but when we met Dr. Meskerem, she was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and woman of God that made us felt very comfortable. So if you are struggling in your marriage in any way, please seek counseling. Glory to God for the technology, you can have counseling without leaving your home. Thank you, Dr. Meskerem.”
May my Lord and God, Jesus Christ, take all the glory and praise!
So, here is my general advice for those of you who may need marriage counseling:
First, seek help and counseling from your local church ministers; most churches provide such counseling services.
If that doesn’t work for you, I suggest that you seek counseling from a licensed Christian counselor.
After you do that and still want to schedule counseling with me, you can send me email via ///