God’s Not Dead 2

God is not dead 2_n

You know me, I can’t keep anything good to myself. I have to share it with you for me to enjoy it.

So, I really encourage every one of you to watch “God’s not Dead 2.” My family and I just came back from a movie theatre and we are blown away by the creativity of the movie directors. I didn’t think that they could do it better than “God’s not Dead 1” but my family and I think that 2 surpassed 1.

I know, if you watched “God’s not Dead 1”, you may think that I am exaggerating here but I’m not. Just go and watch this movie and you will know for sure that I’m not exaggerating.

Here is something to excite you. Lee Strobel (author of “The Case for Christ”) and J. Warner Wallace (author of “Cold Case Christianity”) took part in the movie. I don’t want to ruin the movie by telling you how these spiritual giants of our times took part in the movie. Just go and watch.

And of course, Newsboys, with their two wonderful songs, “God’s not Dead” and “I want to be guilty” took part in the movie.

I mean, if this doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will. ///