The Young Adults Ministry of the London church

Seriously, if you are single (a born-again Christian) living somewhere on this planet earth and looking for someone to marry, just come to London and join the ECFC. I’m not kidding here. These young and vibrant people impressed me a lot.
Their respectful manner, their attention throughout the program, I mean, sitting and listening to me for hours, their brilliant questions (which reminded me that they are British) AND, their beautiful British “ACCENT,” left me speechless.
Their humble minister, Dr. Epherm, the one you see kneeling down just in front of me, kept on reminding me saying, “Missy, these people are British. They don’t do that; or they don’t say that.”

Let me give you one example: So, yesterday night, I wanted them to participate in a discussion and to encourage them, I asked them questions. All of them were sitting there and staring at me. I thought they didn’t understand the question. I repeated the question and waited for someone to raise their hands or stand and answer. Nobody did. I was a bit nervous because I thought they were “sleep-sitting” (you know, “sleep-talking”) with their eyes wide open. Then their leader, Dr. Ephrem, turned on the mic he was holding on and said, “Missy, British people don’t do that. You have to call/pick on someone if you want them to answer your question.”
Phew! Thank you! I didn’t know.
And these young people, they forgot yesterday night that I was a human being.
Yes, after I spoke for hours last night (the program had started the previous day in the afternoon), the young and handsome men, like 10 of them came to me with another 5 or 8 more questions and I stayed with them trying to answer their questions and I LOVE IT! When I got to my hotel, I didn’t just go to bed but I dropped dead, being “absolutely tired” (with British accent, well, a bit closer. I’m learning their accent. “I’m immensely in love with it” – with British accent here again.).
Oh, how I love the time I spent with them for the last two days! What an honor, a privilege and a wonderful opportunity for me to invest in the next generation! Praise God!
I’m still in London and I will tell you all about the conference when I go back to Maryland. I’m writing this just to share with you this one picture. I don’t think you can see on this picture like 20% of them because they are covered by the people who are standing in front of them. But if you look closely at the screen that is behind them, you can see exactly how many of them were there. It is just amazing to see these many young people who are hungry and thirsty for the things of God.
May the LORD continue blessing them, their parents and spiritual leaders! ///
London Young Adult Congregation_n