Today is our 19th Wedding Anniversary

Yes, today, Sunday, March 27, 2016, is Easter and today marks my 19th wedding anniversary with my Berhan (my husband). Praise the LORD!
Yes, I’m still in London, worshiping God with wonderful people of God. And today, I made a three-minute long video of “Happy Anniversary” greetings to my Berhan in front of the Sunday church congregation. I was planning to share that clip with you all but unfortunately there is some technical problem with the video.
As soon as the problem gets fixed, I sure share the clip with you.

But for now, I want to share with you one of our favorite wedding pictures.
Happy Anniversary to me and to my husband, to my Berhan, the one I love; the one I always find myself falling in love with; the man I adore, the man I strive to honor, respect, fear and love everyday according to the Word of God.
Because of Jesus Christ, we made it this far. Yes, if there is anything good or praiseworthy in us, it belongs to Christ, not to us. So, I give all the glory and praise to Jesus Christ who helped us both for the last 19 years and who is Faithful to help us for the rest of our lives. ///