Regarding Yesterday’s Post

I see that yesterday’s post struck some kind of a responsive chord with some people. I’m glad it did because I got a chance to hear from people I have never heard from. At the same time, I see that some people, rightly so, were very upset with the way the post was presented thinking that the young girl who humbly sought advice was slapped on the face from every direction.
So, I want to clear the air a bit, if I may.
Well, first thing first: I really want to appreciate and thank the people who are working very hard day and night behind this page. It is not easy to run this page (or any page for that matter); cleaning up those malicious and disrespectful comments by itself takes a toll on someone. So, kudos to the A4P team!

Second, thank you everybody for pressing like, dropping your comments or sharing the post. I read all the comments and I love them. As long as we discuss our agreements and disagreements in a civilized manner, we learn from one another and grow together. And that is what I am noticing happening on this page; so I appreciate you all very much. Have you ever ran into a page, read few comments and wondered something like, “Is this where social media gangsters are hanging out? I’ll never come to this page” and ran away from it? I have. Well, that is the last thing I want to happen to this page. So, thank you guys for making this page what it is now. I love it.
Third, whenever you see a post that begins with “A4P Guest,” know that the whole two-hour-long-session of counseling (and the rest of successive sessions) can’t be presented in writing. That means, “awareness” is the main goal of the post. (If I‘m not mistaken, I’ve already said this on this page two or three times. Maybe I need to put it as P. S. at the end of similar posts in the future. Good lesson here for me.) Remember, counseling can’t be done like that, in a second, as if to say, “One, two and three! Boom! Done!”
Fourth, always remember this, the number one mission of this ministry is to create “awareness.”
I think I addressed what’s needed to be addressed for today.
Have a blessed day everyone! ///