Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin

They “WAITED” to have sex until marriage and they wrote a book called, “WAIT.”

Well, two of my good Facebook friends have dropped me this couple’s interview in my inbox on different days and I decided to share one of their interviews with you all today. (Thank you my friends!)

Pastor Franklin, he was 22 years old when he decided to wait for marriage and he stayed away from sex for ten or eleven years. But before that, he was sexually active and he was in porn too (you can find that on the interview they gave to Fox News 5).

Pay attention to what they are saying about “Oxytocin,” my number one favorite human sexual hormone; a precious hormone God gave us all; one of its function is this: It impairs our judgment.


Yes, it does and when it impairs our judgment, marriages flourish; and when Oxytocin is secreted in our bodies outside marriage, it impairs our judgment and it makes us decide to marry a person we don’t even know. This is a scientifically proven result.

I think there are lots of things we can learn from Meagan and DeVon’s story. But I have to say this: Not to be too technical, but there are few things I don’t agree with what the couple is saying. For example, I don’t agree with their definition of abstinence and celibacy because of what the Bible says on 1 Corinthians 7. So, make sure you refer your Bible.

The three simple messages I want you to get out of their interview are: It is possible to start all over again to do it all right; it is possible to wait and the sex after marriage is worth the wait! ///