Terry Crews Says:

“For years, years and years I was addicted to pornography”
“It was my secret that nobody knew and that allowed to grow and it got bad”
“My wife literally said, “I don’t know you anymore. I’m outta here.” And that changed me”
“I literally had to go to rehab for it”
“I did not get help so I could get my wife back. . . I got help because I needed it . . . my wife decided to stay with me because she knew I was repentant; she knew I was going to get help; she knew I was sorry. Let me tell you, IT IS NOT ENOUGH TO JUST ASK FORGIVENESS. It is always necessary to make amends; fix the problem, do whatever you can to fix the problem.” – and Terry said more.

Do you know what caught my attention from what Terry said?
This one: “I literally had to go to rehab for it.”
There is no rehab for people who live in the third world countries yet; only people who live in rich countries are getting every help possible and as we speak, most people are coming out of porn addiction; but for those who are in the third world countries, there is no help man! No rehab center to help porn addicts.
For example, there is no rehab center in Ethiopia, as far as I know. 13 and 14 year olds are losing their minds because of porn and there is no one to help them. The battle is in the mind and the mind has to be informed and transformed by the Word of God; not rebuked. Rebuking the mind ain’t going to do anything. ///
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