Declared Fan of Joe – chaseGodtv

Kudos to Joe! He nailed it with 12 minutes long video. Don’t miss it!
Highlights of his points:
He was addicted to porn! And he is free from it all now! Praise God!
No masturbation without lusting after someone else in the heart – means masturbation and porn go hand in hand.

Porn is a billion dollar industry – that means it is not only you but millions of people are addicted to it – even those who sing and preach in the church, just like you.
If you are looking for a Bible verse that says, “Don’t masturbate,” you missed Christ’s teaching.
Jesus is more concerned about our hearts than our external behaviors.
Pornography – Porneia – sexual immorality
Getting married won’t release you from porn addiction
You can’t appease lust by feeding to it; the only way to kill it is to starve it to death!
Wow! Wow! Wow! Make sure you watch this video. ///