It caught my attention

A snow blizzard is the news of the day here in the DC area and what we need now is prayer because if it is going to come as they predicted it will, we are going to be locked up in our homes for days.
Putting that aside, this news really caught my attention:
“An Oklahoma judge sentenced former patrolman Daniel Holtzclaw to 263 years in prison Thursday and ordered the terms be served consecutively, meaning the former college football star will never again be free.”

He raped girls and he was sentenced to 263 years in prison. When I heard Holtzclaw’s sentencing, and before I could say, “Thank God, he is behind bars now and he can’t hurt anymore women,” I saw him sobbing as he entered the court room where he heard his sentence and my heart was broken. Wow! What a very young man! What went wrong in his life for him to just go out and rape women he was supposed to protect and save?
Does anybody doubt that Holtzclaw was a porn addict? I don’t doubt that. If that is the case, Holtzclaw is not going to be the last one who is going to be locked up in prison for 263 years because more are yet to come. We are yet to see the full blown harvest of porn addiction. Many young men are becoming porn addicts as we speak. Porn sites are visited by the billions every day.
Why don’t they talk about that, then? Instead they proudly said, “Hopefully, this is an example for the rest of America to follow, right here in Oklahoma. We stopped a serial rapist with a badge when everyone else had doubt.”
Really? Example? What is the example? It sounds as if they are saying that a young man who is watching this news on TV will say to himself, “OMG! From now on, I will stop viewing porn. Otherwise I will act out and end up in prison for 263 years!”
They must be kidding.
Men only learn by copying the lifestyle of another man. A young man can’t be influenced by fear but by an exemplary lifestyle of another man. How come they don’t get this? If there is no one to show a young man how to do life, how can he do it right? He can’t! Many leaders of a country, CEO’s of big companies, leaders of churches are in porn addiction. Why do they expect a different lifestyle from young men then?
Tragic! ///