Hug Tight those – – –

Hug and Kiss

I always kiss and hug my kids in the morning. They all know this morning tradition and go with the flow even if they sometimes don’t appreciate it that much. Don’t blame them. Two of them are not morning people. But they know that they have no choice but to kiss and hug their mama in the morning.

So, the other day, my little one, who is not a morning person, hard to find him being affectionate in that early hour, came and hugged me really tight. When I wanted to let myself go from his hug, he held me back even tighter. So, I said, “Okay, what is it you want from me?”

He laughed and continued to hold me tight and said, “Just hug me back tight, mom.”

I mean l love to hug my kids; so I obeyed and hugged him back. Then he said, “Mom, I read one research study result that when two people hug more than 30 seconds every day, their love bond increases because of the bonding hormones which are secreted in their bodies.”

So, today’s message is simple and easy: Hug every day the people who matter the most to you. And if possible, hug them tight at least for more than 30 second so that those bonding hormones go crazy as they cement you together for life. ///