Want to do Dating Right

Many young people are dropping me their questions saying, “We got it! We now understand that all those mini-sex acts (kissing, touching, cuddling, petting and all) are not good for us before marriage. They push us to do what we vowed not to do; which is sex before marriage. The problem is, we’ve been practicing mini-sex acts since day one that it seemed impossible for us to stop now. We keep falling short of our promises we made to one another. What should we do?”

So, I used one of those kinds of questions as an example to shine the light on the question at hand.

Here are the three most important strategies I am emphasizing on the message:

  1. First, be biblically convicted to save sex and mini-sex for marriage,
  2. Then avoid being alone with your date in a secluded place,
  3. And surround yourself with people who can hold you responsible and accountable in your journey of pursuing God and His will in your private and public life. ///

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