Going against the norm

I heard about the wedding of a virgin couple the same week they got married here in the city I live in. Today one of my Facebook friends sent me the interview they gave to “Good Day” Fox 5 and I want to share it with you all.
What shook the social media was not their virginity but “the certificate of virginity” the bride presented to her father, Pastor Mike Freeman, on her wedding day.

Yeah, the haters and “the social media gangsters” and those who don’t understand the whole value of sexual purity went nuts! Why? I think most of them are simply jealous.
The bride’s big sister set a good and praiseworthy example for her little sister to follow after. Wonderful!
The three simple tips I think this couple wants to share with those who want to wait for marriage:
1. Get your mindset lined up way before you find yourself in a relationship
2. Value yourself. When you value yourself, you won’t do certain things such as sleeping with the person you are not married to.
3. Surround yourself with great team of people; a team of people who encourages, supports, and challenges and holds you accountable to sexual purity. If you surround yourself with people who are making it hard and difficult for you to live that life; you can’t make it.
The bride quoted her dad, Pastor Freeman: “Hang with those who have your answers; get away from those who have your problems.”
He nailed it with one seemingly simple statement, didn’t he?
Many more wedded years to Timothy and Brelyn Bowman. ///