It is always wonderful to meet good people!

Mr & Mrs Rawlins 11 01 2015

I don’t know if I’ve ever told you the whole story how I ended up being an author of a book. Well, it is a long story but in short, after I found a Christian publisher willing to publish my book, I had to find someone who could help me out with the money the publisher had asked up front.

After they read my proposal letter I wrote to the publisher, one beautiful couple stepped up to the plate and said, “We will lend her all the money she needs because we read her proposal letter and the manuscript and we believe that the message she is trying to communicate is timely and very much needed now at this time and we believe in her dream and vision.” (Manuscript means a book before it is published).

Mind you! When they sponsored my book, I didn’t have any website or Facebook page at this point. They neither knew nor met me in person; but they were willing to lend me money in thousands of dollars. They only read my proposal letter and the manuscript. My proposal letter was four pages long with three main points: 1. Why I wrote the book, 2. What my dream was as a little girl but didn’t able to realize it because I didn’t know the Truth of God; and 3. My present dream to reach out to all young people with the truth of God I was not privileged to have as a little girl.

Well, guess what? Yesterday, this couple came to my home church from Oregon and I met them in person for the first time.

They are Mr. and Mrs. Rawlins and their ministry is called: What a name!

I know many of you from my church met them yesterday but the rest of you who are not living in DC area; I want you to meet them at least through their picture. I believe with all my heart that these people are not only blessings for me but also for all of you who benefited from my first book “Beyond the Fairy Tale” and this ministry which came about because of my first book.

We took the picture you see yesterday.

Would you please drop them a “Thank You!” note here?

Do the Rawlin’s follow my page? Are you serious? They even watch my Amharic videos. The other day, Mrs. Rawlins sent me email saying that she watched my message I delivered at IEEC in DC even if she didn’t understand a word I was saying. Oh, I can’t tell you how much I love and appreciate this couple.

Let me leave them on this page a quick “Thank you” note even if I said that to them yesterday over lunch:

Mr. and Mrs. Rawlins, I don’t know how to thank you enough! I know God has already blessed you with everything you need in life; but I pray that God continues to bless you to be DREAM RELEASERS for many more millions of people. You helped me greatly to release my dream. Thank you for saying “Yes, we will” when the Spirit of God said to you, “Go ahead and help Missy.” (according to your testimony yesterday) Wow! I’m just speechless! God is a Faithful God! Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Rawlins for being an instrument of God. May He use you more! And may all your children, grand-children and, soon to join the Rawlins family, great grandchildren inherit the land for the glory of God! ///