“Is Kissing an Okay thing Before Marriage?”

“No, kissing is not an okay thing to do before marriage” is the answer of this video clip. I love the message very much! If you concentrate on the message, you won’t be bothered by my inability to speak in one language only.

Last week, I was praying with English speaking people and I completely forgot that I was supposed to speak in English and when my turn came to pray, I began praying in Amharic and continued to do so for few seconds before I realized that I was not praying in the language they could understand. The thing is, they were agreeing with me. They have no clue what I was saying but they didn’t care since we all were praying in the same Spirit. In the middle of my prayer, I remembered and quickly switched my brain to English and continued praying in English.

Some people don’t do such kind of mistake but I am prone to do it more often than not. So, forgive me if you are a kind of person who enjoys listening to one language only at one time. And guess what? I think I’m improving my skill of speaking in one language at one time.

So, when I watched this video, I gave myself a pat on shoulder and said, “Missy, you are doing good; but there is still room for improvement.” I love talking to myself in an encouraging way; don’t you think that is a good way to do life in this discouraging world? I think so.

Anyways, that is too much emphasis on the language which is the least important thing compare to the message. So, ignore the language and listen to the message carefully.

Indeed, God’s Word is a lamp unto our feet, and a light unto our path. (Psalm 119:105)

When we neglect the Word of God and try to do life according to our opinions, feelings and emotions, we miss our path and we tend to ask questions such as,

“Is oral sex before marriage an okay thing to do?” Tragic!

When the Word of God doesn’t take precedent in our life, we walk in darkness and find ourselves in a pit of despair and pain. May the LORD help us all to read, study and meditate the Word of God all the time! ///