The Christian Movie – War Room!

We couldn’t watch War Room yesterday, on the opening day, because the ticket was sold out but we watched it today!

My dearest, no kissing, no smooching! It is the purest and cleanest Christian movie ever with a strong message. After all, what do you expect from a RADICAL Christian movie director, Alex Kendrick but a safe movie for the whole family to sit, relax, WATCH and enjoy!

If you are married, this is the movie for you to watch. By the end of the movie, you will fall in love with your “War Room” or if you don’t have a war room, you will definitely decide to have one!

The message in a nutshell is: Prayer works! Don’t you love that!

In 2015, in America where everything is going south, some people are declaring God’s word, saying “God is alive” and quoting 2 Chronicles 7:14! That is as radical as it can get! That is why I love America!

When you watch the movie, make sure you get the definition of “submission” down and what a woman wants from her man! My! I love this movie! Don’t miss it! ///