My Take on “Why men don’t ask for direction”

My Take on “Why men don’t ask for direction”

First things first: Thank you all for your kind words on the Banko’s family picture I posted yesterday!I read each and every comment. I took none of your kind words for granted. I appreciate them all. May the LORD Jesus Christ take all the praise and honor, for He is the Author of every good and perfect gift!

So, going back to the topic of why men don’t ask for direction, from all the comments which were dropped off on that post (I’m referring to last Saturday, Aug 8’s post) my number one favorite comment is this one: “a woman is right next to him to ask.” Seriously this comment made my Sunday! I love it!

Well, most of you have already said everything I wanted to say: Men are created to provide, to lead; to seek and find a solution for a problem; to dig and reach to the answer so that they will be called to receive “the medallion.”  So, most men don’t like to be told where to turn or where to stop. That is why they don’t like the GPS voice command. (My! How much I appreciate the GPS voice command! I turn it on, park my brain at home and cruise on the road without worrying!)

Truth to be told, I personally don’t like to see a man stopping every two miles to ask for direction. Oh, no! I will run out of respect I have for him; and fortunately my man doesn’t do that. When we find ourselves in the middle of nowhere, which we rarely do, tongue in check, I always say something like, “Well, we will be on the road for the next five hours unless we ask somebody”. And before I know it, we are where we need to be. Then I find myself turning around to my husband and saying, “You proved me wrong again, didn’t you?” He just proudly and quietly smiles back. Oh, how I love that moment!

Well, that is asking for direction on the street. What about asking for direction in the road of life? Real men know when to ask “for direction.” When they get stuck in the middle of life road, they ask for direction. When they are drowning in the sea of porn addiction, for example, and find their life straying away from the God they love, they know how to raise the white flag nice and high and say, “I can’t do this by myself. Please, help me.”

Yes, I believe real MEN don’t ask for direction; but they don’t back off either from asking for help when they get lost in life. ///