The Winner of the Competition is – – –

Obse competition Winner 07 2015

– – – a beautiful, cute and funny young girl, (18 years old to be exact), Obse Benti Ligaba from Silver Spring, Maryland.

Obse won the competition with a total of 636 likes!

Congratulations Obse! I’m very happy for you!

I want to take this moment to name and thank everyone who took part in this competition: (starting from the first competitor to the last one):

Aggi Mamo, from Kansas, Missouri

Helina Girma, from Wylie, Texas

Tsigereda Alemu, from Revere, Massachusetts

Barkot Nuri, from Saint Paul, Minnesota

Mimi Konjo or Senayet, from Seattle, Washington

Frezer Zegeye, from Silver Spring, Maryland

Zebib Ebrahim, from Washington, District of Columbia

Fraol Bekele, from Bloomington, Minnesota

Samson Assefa, from Seattle, Washington

Haregewoin Tesfaye, from Silver Spring, Maryland (with her friends: Tg Ethio; Aduye Abera and Meaza Asrat)

Thank you so much guys, not only for buying my book, “Beyond the Fairy Tale”, but also for READING IT!

I guess, as a first-time-author, my fear is not only “What if people don’t buy my book” but also “What if they buy my book and don’t read it?”

So, you guys took away my fear! I know that writing gives great joy and I experience that joy every day; but now, I am experiencing the unique, hard to come by, unexplainable and incredible joy from seeing and hearing from people who are reading (read) my book! So, THANK YOU TO ALL! May the LORD Jesus Christ bless you!

I know some of you read my book but didn’t get a chance to send me your picture. Hey, God willing, we are planning to run another competition. So, make sure you get ready for that one.

Well, Obse, congratulations to you again! You sure receive your prize through mail. So, inbox me your mailing address.

The prize for this competition is a book, “Sacred Marriage” written by my favorite author, Gary Thomas. I not only read this book; but I also “ATE IT!” The author’s words and expressions were “oozing” out of me in every direction the day I finished reading it. After my husband read it, the book was literally out of use, with side notes and everything.

Here is one quote from this book: “Christian spirituality – – -teaches us that sex can certainly season our lives but also reminds us that sex will never fully nourish our souls. . . sex is to be used to serve our spouse, as well as the analogy that our restlessness for the sexual experience mirrors our restlessness for God.” (p.201) Wow! I love it!

If you’ve never get a chance to read this book, I highly recommend you read it. Through the pages of this book, you will see the glimpse of the plan and purpose of God in marriage and sex. The biblical truth Gary Thomas is talking about, the beautiful picture of the marital sexual union of one man and one woman who are married will forever change your perspective in sex and love! I love to read all Gary Thomas’s books because he is very spiritual, radical in his biblical views (doesn’t shy away from the exclusiveness of the truth of God), down to earth humble and this is the part I love the most about Gary Thomas, HE IS VERY FUNNY! Once you pick up his book, you won’t put it down. At least that is my experience! So, it is with great joy that I am giving this book away, not the used one but the new one, to the young and beautiful girl, Obse Benti Ligaba, the winner of the book competition.

With that note, I sure won’t get tired of encouraging you all to buy my book, “Beyond the Fairy Tale.” Here is the link to put your order: