Pretty Saturday morning with one pretty teen contestant!

My book and Obse

Well, I told you I love teenagers, didn’t I? Well, today’s contestant is a pretty young gal, 18 years old from Silver Spring, MD.

Her name is Obse Benti Ligaba.

Her favorite quote from my book, Beyond the Fairy Tale, is:

“You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from flying over your head but you can prevent them from building nests in your hair.” Chinese Proverb

I love this proverb very much! I mean I love the whole message of my book, not because I wrote it but because it is packed with the truth of God. Without exaggeration I read my book more than 15 times or more. My kids think that I read it 40 times. Either way, I won’t get tired of reading it. The message is just practical and to the point.

When I was a teenager, I didn’t want anyone to come and tell me: “Sex before marriage is a sin; masturbation is a wrong and sinful practice.”

I’m like, “Duh! Do you have anything else to tell me other than that?”

Since my heart was telling me the same thing, I didn’t want to hear it again from others. Rather, I wanted others to give me answers to the following questions: WHY is sex before marriage a sin? Why doesn’t kissing before marriage feel right? Why????? Why is masturbation a wrong and sinful practice?

Yes, these were some of the questions which used to bug me a lot!

In my book, “Beyond the Fairy Tale” I share with you the biblical truth which set me free FOREVER! If you didn’t get my book, here is the link:

Regarding the competition, the last day will be on Friday, July 31. Right now, Tsigereda Alemu from Revere, Massachusetts is leading with 525 total likes. I mean, talk about leading in a competition, this is off the chart!

Is Tsigereda Alemu going to win? I’m not sure. I already guessed many before and none of them are winning so far. So, who knows, Obse or the other contestant may take it away from Tsigereda. We will see.

If you don’t know anything about the competition, read all about it here:

Again, my book is not in Ethiopia yet. Please bear with us. We are trying our best to get it there. My dream is not only to get my book to Ethiopia, to my lovely country and people, but to the whole world. So, bear with us. When it gets to Ethiopia, we will let you all know on this page. So, stay tuned.

Obse, I wish you all the best! Make sure you tell your friends and families to like your picture. ///