A Simple Complement Goes a Long Way

I always get up early in the morning and do my devotion and everything. Then I go to shower and dress up and style my hair. It doesn’t really matter whether I have somewhere to go or not; this is my unchanging morning routine. This is actually something I learned from my mom. I am very grateful for it! And guess who appreciates this the most? My husband!

So, in the morning, by the time I finish getting ready, my husband will go out to go to work. I love to go out with him to his car and bless him and his day and I cover his car with the blood of Jesus. Then I just stand outside until his car disappears from my eyes. What do I do? Well, I pray for him; for God to go before him; for God to destroy his enemies before they come closer to him. I can’t tell you how I enjoy those moments.

Let’s say I’m very upset with Berhan or with my kids (or with all of the Bankos), my morning tradition of seeing my husband leaving to work heals it all. I do it whether I feel like doing it or not. I love hugging and kissing him before I let him go to work.

This morning, I hugged and kissed my Berhan and told him how much I love him. Then he started driving and stopped. I thought he forgot something. Then he pulled his car’s side window down and took a good look at me and hollered, “You look pretty baby! May the LORD bless your day!” And he drove off.

I think our neighbors heard him and I love that! Seriously! I’m telling you, I feel like I was on the air, flying. My husband of 18 years paused and took a good look at me and complemented me? What more do I need? I feel like I can beat the whole world now. I’m ready for the challenges my kids are going to put on my plate. Why? Because a simple complement goes a long way.

If you are a husband of one woman reading this, please listen to me. Your wife doesn’t need too much from you. Just take a moment to notice her and say something sweet. Tell her that she is still pretty and attractive. The little girl who wants to be noticed, needed, desired and treasured lives in her all the days of her life. Make her day by noticing and admiring that little girl in her. You see, the beauty of a woman is a hidden treasure. Those air-brushed models you see on magazine covers are not the example of a woman’s real beauty – beauty that God created. A beautiful girl is the one you chose from the four billion women out there to make her yours. Her beauty of being yours alone stays forever. If you focus on the truth and purpose of God for bringing this woman into your life, her unfading beauty becomes very obvious to you.

The one sure thing that brings out your wife’s beauty is the expression of your love to her. Do you think God commanded you to love your wife as Jesus loved the church without a purpose? (Ephesians 5:25) God knows how He created your wife; He created her to seek love from you, her husband. So, always find a way to express your love to her.

It is just “repulsive” to show her love and care only when you want to have sex. Show her love outside the bedroom too so that she welcomes your love and care in the bedroom. Then you will see her real beauty shining from far away.

Don’t let the entertainment industry hijack your perception of a woman’s real beauty. As they say, “woman’s beauty isn’t seen, but discovered!” ///