Love and Lust

Love which doesn’t honor God is not called love but lust.

Lust and witchcraft have some kind of similarity when it comes to how they affect and influence human’s mind and thinking. They both blind us to the truth (Galatians 3:1).

So, you may ask, “How would I know if I am in love or in lust?”

Well, look at the following few questions and honestly answer each one of them:

Does your love relationship glorify God and His Word?
Do others see the light of God through your love relationship?
Do you see a future you and the person you are in love with serving and loving God together?
Are you closer to God now than before because of the love relationship you have with this person?
Does this person encourage you to love God and be closer to God?
Do you love God more than you love this person?
Does this person you are in love with love God more than he/she loves you?

(Note: A person who loves Jesus more than he/she loves you never asks you to do anything that is against the Word of God, such as sex before marriage; and they never do anything that leads them to have sex before marriage, such as kissing, touching, cuddling, petting, etc.)

If your answer to any of the above question is “No”, you are more likely in lust than in love. If so, wake up before it is too late! Lust is a killer! ///