The Day I’ll never forget in my life!

For some reason, I’m thinking a lot about this video clip this morning and I want to share it with you in case you missed it.

I don’t forget this day until I die because my Berhan and I didn’t plan to do this. This was a complete surprise for me as well as for him. It was Sunday morning, August 08, 2014.

And it indeed was the highlight of the beginning of my full-time ministry. This was not a day for me to declare to be free to do whatever I want to, but a day I’ve received a huge responsibility to serve the people of God; not according to my liking but according to the leading of the Holy Spirit and my husband who God put over me as my head. May the LORD help me!

After we uploaded this video clip on Aug., somebody asked “What does “I release my wife” mean?”

Here is the clip from Berhan’s response to the above question:

“In the video clip, you hear where I declare that I release my lovely wife to go full force on this mission, and now, I believe you know what I meant there, as the leader of my household, she has my full blessing, support and admiration to lead this godly and worthy cause to where GOD wants to take it. It is my everyday prayer that GOD would give me the courage, strength, grace, and wisdom to support her in every way He makes me fit. I challenge you all to lend your support and encouragement in whatever ways GOD puts in your heart too. GOD bless you all.”

You can read Berhan’s full response from the archived file of Sep, 2014 from the A4P website ( ///