The Second Contestant is from Revere, Massachusetts

My Baby from Revere, MA _n

Her favorite quote from my first book, “Beyond the Fairy Tale” is:

“The other thing you should remember is this: Just because a person is married doesn’t mean that she won’t face sexual temptation. All married people face sexual temptation in one way or the other. The difference is this: If you strengthen your “sexual purity muscle” while you are single, the chance for you to stumble in sexual sin while you’re married will be much slimmer, assuming
that after marriage you continue abiding in the Word of God.”

Thank you, Tsigereda Alemu, for sending over a picture of you, my Baby and your co-worker along with your favorite quote from my book. I really appreciate you. I wish you all the best.

Well, A4P fans, if you want Massachusetts’ contestant to win over Kansas (who already has 120 likes), go and like this picture.

In the meantime, if you didn’t order my book yet, here is the

If you want to take part in this competition, read the June 16’s post. Of course there is a beautiful prize for the winner!

The deadline to turn in your picture and your favorite quote is now set for July 31st. Remember, you have to follow the instruction correctly for you to take part in the competition. So, make sure you read the June 16 post carefully. ///