Attention Please!

First thank you to all of you who ordered online my book, “Beyond the Fairy Tale” and it is great to hear from some of you that you are enjoying reading my book. I love that!

But we have four orders here from the following states and countries that we are unable to send:

Calgary Alberta, Canada
Edmonton Alberta, Canada
London, London
Al Butaimi, Oman

If you put order from one of these states and countries and didn’t receive your order yet, please check your email address sent from Appeal for Purity with the email address: (this is the email of CG-STAT program).

If you don’t find our email, check your spam please. We resent those emails this morning. ///

P. S. CG-STAT stands for: Chosen Girls for Such a Time As This – This is a program launched by Appeal for Purity Ministry to train up young girls in the area of sexual purity. The book, “Beyond the Fairy Tale” is actually the text book for this program. If you want to read more about this program, go to:

If you want to host this program in your local church, contact us via our Facebook inbox or via email: so that we can forward you the Parent’s Guide and the Leader’s Guide. Those are the only two materials you need from us. These two guides will give you detail step by step guide to do the program at your own local church with your own youth leaders. When you contact us, we will forward the guides for free.