A Woman, assuming Authority over men?

A4P Guest: The Bible says that a woman should not have authority over men. You are not allowed to teach in the church since doing so is like assuming authority over men. Can you help me understand this?

A4P: Wow! My friend, you missed my call big time!

God didn’t call and anoint me so that I would assume authority over men; or over women for that matter; but over the power of the darkness! I’m (by the way, you too, are) called and anointed to demolish the network of the devil; “to put down arguments that sets itself up against” the truth of God; to walk over the devil’s territory and take over that which doesn’t belong to him! Oh, you missed my calling big time! My authority is over the power of the principalities who work in the dark.

I invite you to carefully listen to all my messages I so far uploaded! I will upload more! Read my writings, including those which sound funny and foolish. Try to capture the Truth you find in them and see what that truth does to your life.

Don’t let the devil deceive you!

But I wonder if any of the Truth you find in any of my messages offend you in any way for you to come up with this question. If so, please do this to yourself: Let the Truth simmer into your bones, soul and spirit. When you do that, it hurts you deep. When you go closer to the truth and you let the Truth invade your life, it breaks you into smaller pieces. But the story doesn’t end there! Hallelujah! The Truth breaks you and it will mold and shape you to the person you always desire and yearn to be. Isn’t that wonderful! ///