Match Making Service

A4P Guest: I heard that Appeal for Purity (A4P) Ministry has a match making service as well. Am I right?

A4P: You’re absolutely right!

A4P Guest: I guess you are providing this service to the Christian community, am I right?

A4P: Right on the money!

A4P Guest: Okay, so, I am looking for a Christian girl to marry. Would you guys help me?

A4P: Absolutely! How old are you?

A4P Guest: I’m 45 years old.

A4P: I hope you won’t ask us to look for a 22 or a 26 years old girl, are you?

A4P Guest: LOL! Not at all! But here is the kind of girl I’m looking for: She should be at least 35 years old but not older than 40. She must be a person who loves God and everybody, accepts and loves me the way I’m, works hard and makes decent money, active in her church and is known to be a trustworthy person with good and excellent character and no past bad track record especially in the area of sex; a girl who won’t give my family, especially my mom, hard time and last but not least, a girl who doesn’t complain about the sun and the moon.

A4P: My friend, I am not sure if you are living in the same side of heaven I’m living in. You are asking for a girl who can only be found on the other side of heaven. Perhaps you may need to come down from the sky and look around. We all are broken people who need a Savior to make us good people. The woman you are looking for sounds like a person whose Savior had already finished His work in and through her and by now, she should be with Him. She doesn’t live in this side of heaven.

A4P Guest: Well, if you are planning to introduce me to a woman who doesn’t meet my criteria, why should I need to come to you? Women who don’t fulfill my criteria are everywhere!

A4P: I rest my case. ///