“I want to teach my kids to be sexually pure”

A4P Guest: I am a mother of two beautiful girls, ten and twelve years old; and I really want to teach them about sexual purity. How can I do that?

A4P: Good for you! But why do you want to teach them about sexual purity?

A4P Guest: Because sexual purity is the teaching of the Bible and I want my daughters to follow that teaching.

A4P: Why?

A4P Guest: Okay, I don’t really understand your question.

A4P: Glad you ask. So, you want your daughters to be sexually pure. That is good but why do you want them to be sexually pure? There should be a reason for it. I mean, do you want them to be sexually pure so that they can earn their way to heaven?

A4P Guest: Oh, I understand now why you’re asking me. No, that is not my reason. I know that one can go to heaven only by believing in the Son of God, Jesus Christ. And they both believe in Jesus Christ. But I firsthand know the price of being sexually impure and I don’t want them to pay the same or different or more price than I’ve paid.

A4P: Okay, now you are talking. So, when you said “firsthand”, I assume that you’ve experienced the consequences of being sexually impure in your own personal life. Am I right in my assumption?

A4P Guest: Yes, you are.

A4P: Forgive me if I assume one more thing here. I assume that you are striving to lead a sexually pure life now. Am I right?

A4P Guest: Yes, you are right. I have been married now for twelve years and I strive to do everything I can to keep myself sexually pure.

A4P: Excellent. Well, guess what? The task of teaching your daughters about sexual purity won’t be that hard for you then. One thing I advise you to do is this: Don’t try to give them a one day class on sexual purity. Instead, walk with them through the journey of sexual purity until they turn 18 and beyond (if they allow you). Walking with them includes opening up your life to them, according to their maturity, telling them the wrong choices you made and the price you paid for it. Don’t try to be their friend but stay as you are, their mother. Your daughters are not looking in you a friend but a role model to follow after. And for you to be their role model, you have to earn their honor and respect. To earn their honor and respect, you have to walk the walk and talk the talk. One way to do that is by being a wife God wants you to be to your husband.

For more information, I advise you to attend one of my “How can I teach my kids about sexual purity” seminars; and get my upcoming book, “Beyond the Fairy Tale.” When you get this book, read it with each one of your daughters. This book will help you to start up a discussion with your daughters on important topics such as sex before marriage, abortion, oral sex, homosexuality, dating and more according to the Bible. My book is scheduled to be released next month, June of 2015 (it was scheduled to be released on May but recently the date has been changed). It will be available in June for order on the Appeal for Purity Ministry website: appealforpurity.org or you can get it wherever the Appeal for Purity Ministry and I are traveling. I sure will announce about the release of my book on this page. So, stay tuned! ///