Oh, Denver, I love Your Mountains!


It is always good to be back to Maryland to be with my Berhan and kids.

I had a wonderful weekend over in Denver with the people of God. May the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ be praised!

Denver mountains are just gorgeous!

Before I tell you all about the program, I want to say thank you to the Addis Kidan Denver church and the Eritrean church leaders.

I would like to say thank you to Pastor Teame and his better half, Amarech, for inviting me over to the Addis Kidan Church. I really appreciate you for all the love and care you had shown me over the weekend! Thank you for encouraging your congregation to support me and stand with the message of the Appeal for Purity Ministry. May the LORD bless you both and everything you strive to do for the Kingdom of God!

I would also like to say thank you to all the youth ministry leaders at the Addis Kidan Denver Church, especially to Mercy and her better half, Mike; Tsion and her better half, Bereket; Etana and his better half Elu. You guys are amazing! Thank you for taking a good care of me over the weekend! And thank you for discipling the next generation! May the LORD bless you all abundantly!

I would also like to say thank you to Ermiyas the Eritrean Church Youth minister who rented a fan to bring fifteen of his teenagers over to the the program. Thank you Ermiyas for investing in the life of the youth! May the LORD repay you in double portion!

Special thank you goes to my dear brother, Christian Girma who had been arranging this special program with me since the first week of March! Well, Christian did everything he could to make my travel and stay the most enjoyable one except that he forgot his camera and didn’t record the Sunday sermon, lol. I forgave him and he said he would do it next time. I know I promised you, my Facebook fans, that I would upload the Sunday sermon. I am so sorry for not keeping my word but you know who to blame for it (well, Christian, do you have anything to say here?)

My flight was one of those interesting ones. By the time my plane arrived at the Denver Airport, the airport was closed due to weather and my plane was diverted to Amarillo, Texas. So, the Friday night program was cancelled. I got to the Denver airport after mid-night. I was praying all the way to my hotel saying to God, “Lord, let Your will be done!” Amen! God did it all according to His will!

The whole day Saturday, the youth ministry leaders of the Addis Kidan Denver church and the Eritrean church drove all the youth (almost forty of them) to the Glen Eyrie Castle. There is no way for me to describe the beauty of this place. You check it out yourself (gleneyrie.org). Unspeakable natural beauty of the place itself drives you into the presence of God. We spent the whole day there. The picture you see, we took it when we were about to leave at the end of the day.

What a joy, a blessing and a privilege for me to invest in the life of these young people who are going to take “the baton” from us to give it to the next generation. While I was sowing the seed of God’s truth in the area of sexual purity in the hearts of these energetic and vibrant young men and girls, I glorified the name of Jesus knowing that the impact of the Truth of God is going to touch many generations to come. I was not only seeing their life being impacted by the truth of God but I was also looking at the lives of their “yet to come” children and grandchildren being touched and influenced by it. Yes, once the truth of God captures our heart, it passes through us to influence others.

I also had a wonderful time with the whole congregation on Sunday morning; and I had one of those refreshing times with married couples on Sunday afternoon.

I give all the glory, praise and worship to my Lord Jesus Christ who stayed with me throughout the program! I so love and adore my God, my Lord and my King, Jesus Christ! ///