To All Our Christian Ethiopian Martyrs!


ISIS put to death Ethiopian Christians because they refused to let go of their Christianity!

I was not aware of this news until someone flagged me few minutes ago. I want to use a beautiful and bright Ethiopian map, to remember our fallen brothers!

To those who died on the hands of ISIS, this is my message:

“They can kill your bodies but not your faith! I AM VERY PROUD OF YOU! I pray that Lord Jesus Christ make your blood, not like Abel’s blood which calls for judgment but blood which calls for God’s mercy and grace!”

May the Holy Spirit, the True Comforter, comfort all their families, friends and all Ethiopians who are mourning at this moment!

But please, let’s all be wise here. Let’s not share any of the ISIS’s videos and pictures! One of their agendas is to take over all the social media and promote their coward propaganda to terrorize us.

Instead of helping them do that, let’s use this sad news to glorify our God, Jesus Christ, in all social media! Jesus is the Victor! He is the only God! He is the only King of kings and Lord of lords! No other God but Jesus Christ!

The dead in Christ shall be in the Paradise, sitting next to Jesus at the right side of God! May Jesus Christ be praised and glorified forever! Because of Him, the most unfortunate and sad news turn into a good news! ///