“Your love is like Science Fiction”

That is the 8th song from Jonathan Thulin’s new album called “Science Fiction.” The song just made my day!

Think about it! God’s love for us is actually out of this world. The life we have in Christ, because God so loved us, is out of this world.

That is what science fiction movies are all about: They tell a fiction story of a life that is outside this world!

But the life you and I live in Christ is not fiction at all. It is real! God’s love and our life in His love may look like science fiction but it is real!

Here is the chorus and the last stanza of Jonathan’s song:

“This can’t be the world I’m living in
Somebody wake me up
If I’m sleeping
I’m dreaming now
I’m out of my mind
Your love is like science fiction (2x)

Ain’t the real world that I’m living in
Being with you is like science fiction” (2x)

I love this song very much! May the LORD bless the singer with more anointing and revelation of God’s truth!

BTW, if you live around DC area, Lecrae is coming to Bel Air, Maryland. Don’t miss his concert!

The first time I was at Lecrae’s concert, 116 clique bands were there and they were singing turn by turn. I was keeping my cool, clapping, singing and checking out the people next to me; and then all of a sudden, without giving the audience any heads up, Lecrae took the stage and began singing one of his songs from his album called “Gravity”; and the next thing I knew, I found myself screaming my lungs out!

Totally insane!

My older son was next to me and he held my shoulder and said, “Mom, are you okay?”

I love Lecrae very much! I love his transparency and humble attitude. Did you happen to watch his interview he had with John Piper? Oh, my! He tells it all! After he tried sex, drug and everything, he learned how to pursue and love only one woman! May the LORD help him finish his race with honor and grace!

God willing, we all the Banko’s are planning to be at his concert this coming Saturday afternoon at Bel Air, Maryland. If you happen to come out, we will see you there. Make sure you wear your pair of jeans and sneakers because you need them very badly! There is no chair to sit on in this kind of concert. You stand and worship God in whatever way you want to. Don’t miss it! ///