A Good Reason to Go to Church Today!

A4P Guest: I’ve been following your Facebook page and YouTube channel for a while now. I’ve heard most of your messages. You are mostly talking about how dangerous it is for us believers to live in sexual immorality. I got it! I heard you! I understood the truth about that. But okay, we are in it now. I and many of my Christian friends are living in sexual immorality. What is the solution? How did we end up in here? How do Christian people choose this life? How can we get out of this? Why do you always talk about the problem, not the solution?

A4P: Hmm, maybe I lost my mind or something; or am I missing something here?

I do talk about the solution; I do write about some of the reasons some people may end up in sexual addiction; I do talk about how to go out of it. If you are expecting me to say, “Take this white tablet twice a day for three days, and TADAH! You will be free of sexual addiction” well, you will definitely feel like I only speak about the problem.

Coming out of sexual addiction is not easy; and the solution can’t be as easy as you may think. Even if I say that I talk about solutions, those solutions can’t be obvious first time you hear them because coming out of sexual addiction demands dedication, determination, decision, persistence and tenacity on your part. And that ain’t come naturally for many of us; and I dare not try to put that process in a 1-2-3 step solutions.

That being said, though, in the middle of all my messages, I still point out to some of the solutions.

Example: I always say this: “I have never seen anyone in sexual addiction who isn’t lonely.”

Did you see the reason for the problem and the solution too in one simple sentence?

The problem: Sexual addiction! One possible reason or cause or set up for it: Loneliness! Solution: To come out of loneliness.

So, let’s say you are lonely and in sexual addiction. From the one statement I made above, now you should say, “Bingo! My loneliness has to go away!”

My second statement is this: “Building a healthy and authentic relationship with other likeminded people is very important.”

I mean, how many times did I say this? Zillion times!

So, while you keep reading my articles; which by the way are more than 350, and watch my YouTube messages, do this: Go to church, not as a visitor but as a family of God.

And, guess what day it is today? Sunday! You have a good reason to go to church now.

So, go to church and meet people. Don’t just sit at the back and disappear in thin air when the program ends. Stick around for your own sake. You need these people. Nobody may come and speak to you but don’t be critical and judgmental of them for not talking or saying hi to you. Instead of waiting for them to say hi to you, say hi to them. I know that is kind of tough especially if you are a shy guy. Remember, that shyness is the one thing that contributed big time to get you in trouble; to lock you up in sexual addiction. So, go against it. Don’t try to be friends with girls. That is like trying to scratch your itchy back with a leaf. It will make your current problem worse. Instead reach out to the guys (if you are a woman, try to reach out to the woman).

The most important thing is YOUR PRESENCE! Be there!

So, to answer your question in short: I do talk about solutions and how some people may end up in sexual addiction. Just don’t expect me to give that a silver bullet kind of solution because there is none! ///